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Call to Observe August 9 as ADB Quit India Day

Over 100 struggle groups, peoples' movements and organisations who gathered together in Hyderabad between May 3-6, 2006, to protest the 39 th Annual Governors' Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) condemned the role of the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) like ADB in appropriation and commodification of natural resources in the resource-rich countries of the South and forcing the nation states into indebtedness and widening trade imbalances.

The protestors, coming together from all across Asia, strongly voiced their opposition to institutions like ADB which mutilate our democratic institutions, perpetrate untold violence on our societies and facilitate continuing marginalization and pauperization of our peoples.

ADB fuels the militarization of our polity, legitimizes suppression by the State of peoples' struggles for self-determination, and exacerbates the violation of human rights affecting the women, children, indigenous communities, dalits, minority communities and the poor in particular.

While taking a mass pledge to continue their struggle against ADB and other IFIs, the protesters called upon various struggle groups, movements and peoples' organisations to:
  • Halt the intrusion of IFIs in our communities, societies, economies, institutions and governments.
  • Prevent the undermining of national and public institutions which are at the core of our growth and development.
  • Uphold people's rights to determine their own diversified forms and pace of development and governance.
  • Support peoples' movements and organisations across the region in their efforts to reclaim people's democracy, sovereignty, self-determination and self-rule to create a better world.
  • Move away from debt financed development and promote alternative ways of using our environmental, social and economic wealth, so that all peoples can achieve freedom from debt at local and global levels.

Expressing support and solidarity to the Hyderabad Pledge, the Peoples Forum against ADB (PFAADB) calls upon the struggle groups, movements, peoples organisations and other civil society groups to Observe August 9 as ADB Quit India Day and urges all our friends across Asia-Pacific? and the rest of the World to lend solidarity to this struggle.


Peoples Forum against ADB Secretariat
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