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Various Documents about ADB prepared by different civil society organizations

  • ADB Kerala Urban Loan Conditionalities: Fact or Fiction?, 16th December 2006, Article by Benny Kuruvilla
  • 12 Things the ADB Does Not Want You To Know
  • ADB and Policy (Mis) governance in Asia is a dossier on the ADB from Focus on the Global South ( . Published in 2005, it puts together eleven articles, each tackling important aspects of institutional and policy governance of the Bank. This packet also contains statements on ADB policies from movements, ADB watchers, civil society groups and social critics.
  • CREATING POVERTY IN LAOS: THE ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK AND INDUSTRIAL TREE PLANTATIONS; Chris Lang and Bruce Shoemaker; April 2006; According to its own internal reports and a formal evaluation, the ADB's Industrial Tree Plantation Project in Laos was a disaster. It created and increased poverty and indebtedness. It replaced forests important to the livelihoods of local communities with eucalyptus plantations that then failed. Loan funds went missing and the Bank is investigating allegations of corruption. .... (Direct link to the PDF copy of the report)
  • 10 Open questions on ADB loan to Kerala: In 2002, Kerala accepted a loan from the Asian Development Bank and agreed to initiate reforms in three areas. A) Modernising Government Programme B) Power Sector reforms and C) Urban Development, Environment Improvement and Poverty Reduction. In the run-up to the 2006 (April-May) Kerala State legislative elections, groups that are part of the Peoples Forum Against the ADB sent a set of 10 open questions to Political Parties, candidates and MLAs in the state. This note raises important political, developmental and economic questions on the loan.
  • Briefing note for parliamentarians: This is a pdf file that contains a briefing note for all parliamentarians.
  • Invitation letter to parliamentarians: This is an open invitation letter to elected representatives and parliamentarians inviting them to 'Reclaiming Democracy: Forum for Peoples Representatives' on May 4th, 2006
  • Memorandum to Asian Development Bank, West Bengal Initiative: This is a word file that contains a memorandum which raises fundamental questions on the ADB's urban strategy, especially in the NURM.
  • Demystifying ADB (75 KB, PDF) - Note prepared by the South Asia office of the Bank Information Center as input towards CSO preparations for ADB’s 2006 Annual General Meeting
  • MDBs in South Asia (300 KB, MS Word) - Note prepared by the South Asia office of BIC as input towards CSO preparations for ADB’s 2006 Annual General Meeting

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