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Call for May 5 2006 as Global Day of Protest against ADB!

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We are the Peoples' Forum against ADB (PFAADB), an alliance of 97 social movements, struggle groups and NGOs from across Asia.

We write to you from the city of Hyderabad in India where thousands are beginning to converge to protest the Asian Development Banks 39th AGM (3-6 May 2006). As we issue this appeal to our friends across the globe, hundreds of activists from remote areas in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura and from Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu, Jharkand, Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal, Rajastan, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh are on buses and trains on route to this city. Groups from Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Burma have already joined us. In Hyderabad, street corner meetings have begun to convey our message to the people.

The Peoples' Forum is calling on all people's movements and civil society groups to observe 5 May 2006 as the Global Day of Protest against the Asian Development Bank, when ADB Governors will officially inaugurate the Annual Meeting.

Every year, ADB moves huge amounts of money across the Asia-Pacific region in a bid to foster rapid economic growth and market capitalism. Despite its name and stated intentions, the ADB does not serve to alleviate poverty. Instead, it advances capitalist and corporate interests, serves the will of powerful countries such as Japan and U.S. and other expansionist nations, and excludes poor and marginalised people from control over their resources. It is an undemocratic, non-transparent and unaccountable institution.

Join us!

On May 5, we will be taking out a massive march and protest against the ADB in Hyderabad, India. For those of you unable to join us here in Hyderabad, you can show your solidarity and worldwide opposition to the ADB by holding various actions in your own states, provinces, cities, towns, taluks and villages.

You can

  • Hold a protest demonstration
  • Submit a memorandum to the local, regional and national government
  • Submit a memorandum to the local ADB office/ project office
  • Raise slogans
  • Send us a solidarity message

Some of the slogans that you can use:


Our Water, Our Health, Our Forests

Our Livelihood, Our Environment, Our Culture




Please get in touch with us at for any information. Download posters here.

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